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Australian troops stay in Iraq despite missile attacks

Australian troops will remain in Iraq despite Iranian missile attacks on coalition forces in the country, after Prime Minister Scott Morrison met with his national security committee on Thursday.

Mr Morrison said his government remained focused on ensuring stability in Iraq, after United States President Donald Trump spoke about finding a new peace deal with Iran.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirms Australian troops will remain in Iraq after Iranian bombings on US-led military bases in the country.

“We remain committed to carrying on this important work,” Mr Morrison told reporters on Thursday after the national security committee meeting.

The Prime Minister said “the situation overnight has stabilised”, which was part of the reason why Australia had decided to keep troops in the Middle East.

“And the cessation of those immediate hostilities that we saw yesterday and the nature of the statement also issued by the President today, as well as the intelligence that we have, means that we are in a position to continue to undertake the mission that we have set for ourselves in the Middle East,” he said.

Mr Morrison has also discussed the unfolding situation in Iraq with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“We remain together and working together to ensure not only the safety of our own people, but to also ensure that we are in a position to continue to build a stronger Iraq,” he said.

Australia has several hundred troops deployed to Iraq along with a team of diplomatic staff.AAP