Australia fires: Emergency workers say worst yet to come

Australians are bracing for a dangerous and unpredictable night as bushfires are expected to worsen.New South Wales (NSW) fire commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons has warned of “volatile” conditions that could intensify the fires. Hundreds of fires burned on Saturday, damaging power lines and cutting out electricity in thousands of homes. Since[Read More…]

Extinction Rebellion protesters go silent on future plans to disrupt Melbourne, police say

Police say they are pulling officers off criminal investigations and into Melbourne’s CBD after climate protesters stopped communicating with them about their planned disruptions. Victoria Police Commander Tim Hansen said he had “real concerns” about what could happen on Wednesday afternoon after receiving no information from Extinction Rebellion protesters about[Read More…]

Dozens of flights grounded in wild weather

Dozens of flights have been grounded in Melbourne and Sydney as wild winds lash Australia’s south-east. Thirty-one domestic flights have so far been cancelled out of Melbourne, mostly because of the weather. No international flights have been affected at this stage. Airlines were warning passengers to check their flight status[Read More…]

Uber says Melbourne to have flying taxis by 2023

Flying taxis could be in our skies within four years, according to Uber, which has announced Melbourne will be one of three cities to pilot its latest ambitious ride hailing service. If you are imagining a flying car think again. Uber’s vision is for a quiet electric-powered aircraft — yet[Read More…]