VCE champions from Sirius College once again

Sirius College is celebrating the achievements of its students in 2017 VCE end of year exams. 4 students received 50 perfect study scores in Further Maths, Physics and Business Management; and achieved first place in the state. Students’ ATARs are also brought pride to school with 2 students above 99, 7 students above 98, 14 students above 95, 30 students above 90 and 64 students above 80.

Brightest stars of 2017 with the ATAR score of 99.70 and 99.65

Rami Dennaoui and Harun Ergi became the most successful students of Sirius College in 2017 with the ATAR of 99.70 and 99.65. They sustained the Sirius College’s 99+ achievements with their achievements.

4 students achieved first place in the state

Many Sirius College students have achieved perfect study score in subjects like Chemistry, Further Maths, Mathematical Methods, Computing, Turkish etc. for years and 2017 is no exception. Rami Dennaoui and Sannan Nadir in Physics, Mahmoud Kashoa in Business Management, Osman Isik in Further Maths received 50 perfect study score and achieved first place in the state. With their achievements, Rami, Sannan, Mahmoud and Osman made their parents and the school community proud.

Great achievement in one and half year only

A significant achievement came from Sannan Nadir who received 98.95 ATAR. Sannan arrived in Australia from Oman with her mother and sister in the middle of 2016.  Although he has been exposed to Australian curriculum only for the last 1 and a half year he was able to attain a very high ATAR and a perfect study score in Physics.

Every 1 in 3 students 80+, every 1 in 5 students 90+

Sirius College Executive Principal Mr Serdar Takimoglu stated that as the school administrators they are delighted with the good news and congratulated the teachers, parents and students as the architects of this remarkable success.

Mr Takimoglu affirmed that this year’s achievements with 14 students above 95, 30 students above 90 and 64 students above 80 ATARs has been another addition to its VCE success for years. He said “99+ ATAR scores mean that your sons and daughters in Sirius College are either superstars or competing with superstars which maximises their potential.”

Sirius College Director of Curriculum Mr Cem Giray stated that every 1 in 3 students in Sirius College achieved an ATAR score 80 and above, and every 1 in 5 students received 90 and above. Giray said “Sirius College’s strive for continuous improvement reflected in its 2017 ATARs too. Compared to its 2016 data, every Campus’s ATAR average improved significantly with a 5.3% increase in Keysborough, 7.6% in Eastmeadows and 7.8% in Meadow Fair.”


30 students achieved 90 and above

Sirius College Students who have achieved an ATAR above 90 are as follows:

Rami Dennaoui (99.70), Harun Ergi (99.65), Sannan Nadir (98.95), Mudher Al Safi (98.70), Sarah El Wazni (98.65), Fatma Lelik (98.60), Haadi Zubairi (98.35), Razeen Amjath (97.80), Gadeer Al-Hobaish (97.40), Muthaqi Mohamed (97.20), Zoya Rana (97.00), Sule Babayigit (96.90), Dilara Ilhan (96.55), Zahra Al Sultan (95.95), Ruwayda Haibe (94.80), Ayaan Dirie (94.40), Selma Ahmic (93.80), Muhammed Bayrakci (93.55), Sefika Basic (93.15), Chaden Halujy Ammar (92.90), Abrar Abdul Ridha (92.80), Yean Yean Kong (92.60), Reem Allahham (91.90), Abdullah Nazar (91.85), Sakarie Ahmed (90.60), Saliha Kuru (90.30), Shimry Mohamed Buhary (90.05), Yosafe Zakoulouta (90.05), Saza Rwandzy (90.00).